Natural Bowls Spring 2013

  • by Corin Flood
  • April 21st, 2013

More spring production, these are mostly made from maple I collected last year; great to turn and some nice figure.

This pair of bowls came from a tree that was cut for a road widening; it was a lovely old tree with spreading branches. The crotch figure in this 14″ bowl comes from where a branch left the trunk.

Pair of 14" Maple Bowls

The maple was turning so nicely that I set the bowls below aside and decided not to sand the outside. I don’t sand the exterior of my painted bowls, as the small ridges help distress the paint. I like the feel of the ridges, if you look carefully at the photo’s you will see them. These bowls are about 12″ in diameter and about 5″ deep.

Pair of 12" Maple Bowls

Detail of 12" Maple Bowls

12" Maple Bowl

The 14″ bowl below is birch, (sanded on the outside.)

14" Birch Bowl

And one more 10″ birch bowl.

10" Birch Bowl


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