Fir Vessel

  • by Corin Flood
  • February 10th, 2013

Every now and then you need an adventure in the shop, here’s the result of one such adventure. Fir is one of the trees that grows well in my part of the world. It is usually milled into dimensional construction lumber but I thought it might be interesting to try turning it. I scrounged the butt ends of some pulp logs at a local mill and dragged them back to the shop. To me the material suggested a massive bowl with lots of presence. With a bit of help from a come-along I had it on the lathe. Because of the difference in hardness between the spring and summer wood sanding would produce a rippled surface where the soft wood was removed faster. I wanted a smooth round surface which meant finishing the bowl off the tool. This left some small ridges; the ridges are not that visible but provide a little surprise when you run a hand over the surface. The vessel is 17″ in diameter and 13″ tall.



Fir Bowl