How do I look after my turned bowl?

After use the bowl should be rinsed under warm water, avoid detergents, and dried with a towel; that’s pretty much it.

The walnut oil and beeswax finish will wash off with repeated use. To maintain the bowls appearance wash it, let it dry thoroughly and then use a cloth dampened with walnut oil (available at grocery or health food stores) or mineral oil (available at hardware stores) to refresh the surface, alternately there are various salad bowl waxes available that can be applied.

In time salad oils may build up on the surface; if this happens give the bowl a good scrub with detergent and warm water and reapply oil.


Will the appearance of my wooden bowl change with use?

Yes. Your bowl was finished on a lathe turning anywhere between 500 and 900 rpm, at that speed the wax liquefies through friction and the surface is buffed to the luster that you see on the new bowl. In use liquids such as water, salad oil and vinegar may come into contact with the wood altering its surface. They will strip the walnut oil and beeswax finish and the grain of the wood may rise slightly. Water may make the colour lighter on the exterior where salad oils may darken the interior. But don’t worry it’s how it should be, it’s a functional object and the more it’s used the more it’s character will develop.

Our bowls at home get used a lot and pretty much go from the table to the sink to the shelf and rarely get much other care. On the other hand I have friends who really look after their bowls, waxing and buffing them on a regular basis.


Will things like blueberries, strawberries and beets stain my wooden bowl?

Yes, but usually only temporarily. Fresh berries and beets are great in salads but they will stain the bowl; that said the staining usually does not last long, with a few more salads and washing cycles and a bit of time the stains will disappear.